When do I have to report an injury at work?

Workers’ Compensation Board to Impose Fines for Late Reporting

The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board has announced that it will begin imposing fines for late reporting of workers’ compensation claims for injuries filed on or after October 1, 2017.

Section I.C.22-3-4-13, requires the First Report of Injury to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board within 14 days of the date the Employer has knowledge of the injury.

If the First Report of Injury is not filed timely, the Board my impose a $50.00 fine for the first offense, a second offense $150.00, and for the third offense up to $300.00 -I.C.22-3-4-15.

The report of injury shall contain the name, nature, and location of the business of the employer, the name, age, sex, wages and occupation of the injured employee, the date and hour of the accident causing the alleged injury, the nature and cause of the injury, and such other information as required by the board.


Penwell Pig

With Pork Festival around the corner, we thought we’d play a game!


We are hiding 10 (adorable) blue Penwell Pigs around Tipton. Be sure to be on the look out for them!

If you find one:

  • Take a picture with it (or of it)
  • Post it to our Facebook page with #Penwellpig
  • relocate the pig to a new hiding spot so the fun can continue!

Every picture posted to the page is one entry into the drawing for a $20 gift card to Subway! Let’s see how long it can continue!

To be entered into the drawing you must post your pig picture by Tuesday, September 12th.

We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and a great pork festival!


Until next time – may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.

A total eclipse of the …

.. SUN! (You thought I was going to say “heart”… admit it!)


It seems that Monday, August 21st will be the first complete solar eclipse visible in the US since 1979. So, of course, everyone wants to check it out! There are viewing parties, fun glasses for purchase (or for free to a lucky few), science and math activities, and more to be enjoyed. There’s even a path of music festivals, which will take place along the path of the total eclipse leading up to the big day!

So, whether it’s for learning, fun, music, or whatever- checkout the links below to get the best information on everything eclipse! Links include information about specific path locations and mapping the viewing, how to safely view the eclipse, events happening near the area, music festival information, activities and lesson plans that can be worked around the event and more!

Until next time – may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.



What is a solar eclipse?

Eclipse interactive and informative page via NASA

Eclipse viewing safety tips from NASA

NASA’s recommended eclipse activities

The slacker’s guide to eclipse fun

When, where, and how to see it

Eclipse events

Eclipse path of music festivals

Other really cool things that happen during the eclipse


*Photo credit: NASA/S. Habbal, M Druckmuller and P. Aniol

It’s almost time for back to school!

In the closing words of my favorite childhood book, “You’re off to great places. Today is your day! You’re mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

As August rushes upon us, prepared or not, back to school is rapidly approaching. It’s officially time to plan the last hoorah of summer – before you know it the changing leaves, bonfires, sweater weather and football season will be here. It is also time to start preparing for the back to school process – the school supplies, replacing the outgrown clothes, Dr. checkups, and more.

In hopes of making it a bit easier this year, I’ve included some links to information regarding schedules, start dates, supply lists, deals for supplies, back to school hacks (because, let’s make this as easy as possible!), and more. I hope that everyone had a wonderful summer, filled with family fun, adventures, and lots of new memories to be reflected upon with fondness. I wish you all a wonderful school year – Go conquer your mountain!

“Wisdom begins with Wonder.”  -Socrates

Until next time –  may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Back to school Safety

Shopping list deals

School Supply Lists 2017-18 (Use this awesome search tool to find your exact school and grade’s list)

Preparing for back to school

State of Indiana- Kindergarten Requirements

Kindergarten FAQ’s for Indiana

List of required vaccinations

Kindergarten and school systems requirements for Indiana

Tipton Calendar 2017-18

Tri-central Calendar 2017-18

Tri-central (Elementary) Calendar 2017-18

Hamilton Heights Calendar 2017-18

Hamilton County Schools Calendar 2017-18

Back to school – the LIFE HACKS way

Pinterest – Back to school hacks

YouTube back to school hacks for Teens and Tweens

YouTube back to school hacks for Teens and Tweens part II











Welcome, Contractors, to Penwell Insurance!

We are happy to announce our new specialty line for Contractors! If you want to stop worrying and get back to work be sure to check out the new site for more information on the types of coverages we can offer. Then give us a call! Here’s to less worry and more productivity!

Until next time- may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Contractors’ Insurance


Happy 4th of July!

Today, let’s celebrate our independence! Below are links to great family fun, parades, fireworks, and more in and around our area. Enjoy, and God Bless America!


Until next time – may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.



317 area code

Lights over Morse

Symphony on the Prairie

Tipton Fireworks



Sweet Summer Time

With the first official day of summer for 2017 on the books, it’s time to think about vacation! While island retreats, cruises, and international extravaganzas are amazing – a definite must – they are not always possible, at least not every year. Never fear! There are actually some amazing places within the continental US that are definitely vacation worthy. Check out the links below to learn more about some vacation-worthy spots right here at home!


Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.



Best places to snorkel in the continental US

Top 100 campgrounds

Top 5 continental beaches

Best Resorts

Top 10 Vacations

Best getaways

Picnicking with Pop!

5 o’clock on a summer’s Tuesday morning, stopping by the old farm market for bottles of water and sandwiches wrapped in white paper. Talking, laughing, and singing all the while – 14 years old and on my way to work with Dad. So much of my life is blessed by memories with my father. There’s something about a dad, especially to a daughter. When he’s there, you know no fear. I remember climbing up a tree as a child, the climb up was nothing, but coming back down was frightening. I remember being too afraid of falling to even move from that top branch, until my dad showed up. Standing there at the bottom, he simply said, “jump, Spook!” and so, I jumped. Never did it enter my mind that he might not catch me, not once did fear come to me – just trust. The safety of my own, personal super hero. He can fix anything, be it a car, the house, or me; and I’ve learned so much from him along the way. There’s nothing he cannot do.

So many memories flood my mind, writing these words. Our best day ever – the day we went fishing, just the two of us. Laughing and talking, creating fish tales and memories until the rain (and lightning) came on in a rush. Out in the middle of the lake, and in a metal canoe no less, frantically trying to get to shore – getting soaked through and laughing until we cried. Later that day we planted a ‘borrowed’ father -daughter tree in the rain, throwing mud at each other, making up songs about our tree, acting crazy, and having the best time imaginable.

When I need to laugh, when I need to cry, when I need to know it will all be ok- to you I go. The hardest part of growing up is the day you look at your hero and realize he’s getting older, too. Those enormous hands that held you as a baby, helped you learn to take your first steps, picked you up when you fell off your bike, and later went on to dance you around the room of your wedding and cradled your own child the day he was born; they are starting to show the signs of the years. This is when the fear comes back- the fear that someday, as we all must, he will return to his maker and I’ll be left here without him. Without the keeper of my secrets, the supporter of my dreams, and the super hero I’ve come to rely on so heavily.

That’s the funny thing about life. There is always another side to the coin, another angle to see the rainbow, a silver lining in the storm cloud. For me, that day came when my dad told me I am his hero. His reasons were sweet and completely unexpected. But sitting there – having a talk with my dad- I realized that he will never leave me. For now, I am fortunate to still have him around (and lord knows I plan to spend as much time making new memories as I am blessed to have) although many others are not. But what I realized is this: our lives are molded and made beautiful by the people, memories, and experiences we have. Those will never leave us- those memories, and thereby, the people we love, will always be in our heart. He is a part of me, as I am of him and through my memories he will continue along the path of my life’s journey- step by step, always by my side.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, I hope that you will take a few moments to think back and reflect on the memories you have and times you have shared with your own dad (or father figure). I also hope you’ll spend a little time together, even if it is just over the phone, and perhaps make a new memory. Below, you will see links to some local opportunities for Father’s day fun. Another great option is a family picnic, not only are these always a great time- but this particular year, Father’s Day and International Picnicking Day both fall on Sunday, June 18th. Perhaps this is a sign – a fated plan! Ha! Regardless, I hope that all of you fathers out there have a great day- surrounded by the people you love most and the things that bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

Until next time –  may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


10 Ideas from Indianapolis Monthly

Northwest Indiana



Top 10 State Parks in Indiana (great picnicking locations)


** I’d like to invite you all to share a memory, and maybe even a photo, of your father or of your favorite moment together. Please feel free to post and share below! **





Kiddies in the Kitchen

Summer is here! That means lots of family fun and memory making to come. In addition to family vacations, swimming, and outdoor activity; many families enjoy crafting, game nights, and even cooking together. Baking cookies with the young ones can be a fun and educational experience. The skills learned from spending time together in the kitchen are important life skills boys and girls can utilize throughout their future. Math, science, reading and comprehension, even following directions, can all be experienced and learned through cooking; not to mention the actual skill of feeding oneself and family. By making these opportunities fun and enjoyable, you can teach them how to cook all the while instilling in them the desire to help!

While kiddies in the kitchen can be a lot of fun, it can also be very dangerous – especially with the younger children. To avoid family fun time resulting in a trip to the doctor or emergency room, be sure to always follow safety first rules. For convenience, there are some links below to check out for kitchen safety checklists, ideas on how to engage and encourage your children to get involved in meal prep (as well as information on why this is important), and a couple of family friendly recipes as well.

Enjoy and bon appetite!

Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Links, as promised:

Kitchen safety checklists:

Kitchen Safety

Kids Health

Safety Tips

Engaging and encouraging kids to the kitchen:


Kids Health


Family friendly recipes:

Food Network

Cooking with Kids

Kid Chef Recipes





Road (side) Ready!

Welcome to the long weekend!

Memorial Day weekend is a big event in the US. It is a time set aside to remember and give thanks for those courageous men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defending our life, liberty, and democracy. This weekend is a time for remembrance, family, and fun. Unfortunately, it is also the number one weekend for fatal traffic accidents according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

So before you hit the road for your memorial day destination, take a moment to prepare by reviewing the checklist for roadside readiness. Then check out the link for more information on memorial day travel safety.


Road(side) Ready Checklist:

  • AAA or Roadside service coverage on your auto policy. You will want to confirm this coverage before you leave. Then make sure you have your most recent AAA card and insurance ID card handy for the duration of the trip
  • Car Condition: be sure to have your vehicle serviced before you leave. Check tire pressure and treads, fluid levels, ensure that all signals and lights are properly functioning, and check engine condition.
  • Emergency supplies: to be prepared in the event of a break down you’ll want to have some of these items handy:
    • water
    • phone and phone charger
    • spare tire
    • tire changing/tool kit
    • snacks
    • jumper cables
    • flares or triangle reflectors
    • 1 quart motor oil
    • 1 gallon of coolant
    • first aid kit
    • blanket
    • flashlight & batteries
    • a can of tire inflator/sealant (i.e. fix-a-flat)
    • tire pressure gauge
    • paper towels

Roadside emergency kits can be purchased in several places, but it is just as easy to create your own. Storing the items in a small box or bag in the trunk is an easy option for keeping it all together and staying organized. Remember, the best thing for an emergency situation is to remain calm. By being prepared, you’ll be more likely to get out of the situation quicker in a safe manner.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Be sure to buckle up and drive safely out there!


Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Market Watch article on Memorial Day weekend safety