Why life insurance?

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How would your family pay your monthly bills?  Who will pay your funeral expenses?  Who would pay off your debts? For instance, who would pay your car loan and insurance while it is in the process of being sold or titles changed?  Would your kids still be able to finance college on their own?  Who would be left to sell your house?  How and who will spread out your physical assets or who will arrange for the auction?  Does your family have the funds to fund your living history?  Above all, what will you leave your family to keep living the life they lived?



Why life insurance is important

Do you have enough?  Will your student loans be paid off if something happened to you tomorrow?  Will your life insurance through work go away if you are laid off, retire, or quit?  Think now to protect your future.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  We are bringing it to your attention now because September will be here before we know it.  Lots of things will be here before we know it.  Life insurance is important no matter how young or old you are.  Life insurance is extremely affordable at a young age.  In other words, the younger and healthier you are, the better your insurance costs are.  Think about it today.  Don’t wait!


Declare your Independence!

Declare Your Independence

As your independent insurance agent, I’ll help you evaluate and compare the products of several insurance companies to help you find the insurance solution that best meets your needs. I’ll work hard to warn you of potential risks, and strive to get you the most value out of your insurance. I’ll work to explain all of your options in plain English. And can help you make the choices that are right for you.

Plus, if you ever need to file a claim, I will be right there with you to guide you through the process. And as life changes, you can count on me to help you update those choices. If you have any questions or would like to connect today, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my personal information below.  We have independent insurance agent offices located in Carmel, Indiana and Cicero, Indiana.

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Do I have to get life insurance in the state I live in?

No, but you need to be able to sign the life insurance policy in the state you are purchasing your life insurance.  If your family lives in Indiana but you live in Ohio, so long as you visit your family and can sign the application in Indiana, we can still help you with your life insurance in Indiana.  People sometimes consider this for legitimate specified reasons but it is not common.


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Do I have to change insurance agencies if I move?

The short answer: Probably not.  If you are not moving out of state, you should be able to keep your existing insurance agency and your existing insurance carrier or insurance company.  Penwell Insurance agency can insure you across the state of Indiana and also in Illinois.  If you are moving to Carmel, Indiana or Cicero, Indiana near Morse Lake, we have an insurance agency nearby. We also have an insurance agency in Tipton, Indiana.  However, today, most of what you need to do for insurance can be done online or over the phone. There is really no need to have location to go to except for the face to face connection.  Payments can be made online, over the phone, or in the mail.  The insurance companies make payments easy for you and many offer to do electronic monthly drafts with no service charge which saves you time and stress wondering if you paid your insurance.

We work with Erie Insurance, Travelers Insurance, MetLife Insurance, Safeco Insurance (A Liberty Mutual Company), Foremost Insurance, Progressive Insurance and have access to many other companies.  Through those companies we can provide business insurance, worker’s comp insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, Key person life insurance, business or group life insurance, and much more.  We are always here for you so long as you are living in Indiana and Illinois.

Who is the best Indiana insurance agency?

Well, we are of course. Why you ask?  Check out our testimonials page, not to hear it from us, but to hear it from our customers.  They speak the truth and you will see why we are different than most insurance agencies.  It’s not always about price, though we have very competitive insurance companies that we work with for each need.

We are happy to service your Indiana Insurance needs with agencies in Carmel, Cicero, and Tipton.  We proudly represent quality insurance companies like Erie Insurance, Travelers Insurance, Safeco Insurance, and MetLife Insurance.  We also work with other carriers for unique needs like life insurance and toys for boat insurance, ATV insurance, and motorcycle insurance.  We like to work with American Modern Insurance for classic cars, Progressive insurance for special auto needs or toys, and Foremost Insurance for certain home or car insurance situations and toys as well.

We also can assist with your Illinois insurance needs.





Why did Erie Insurance leave Indiana?

Great news!  Erie insurance is in Indiana!  Don’t be misled into thinking that you can no longer have Erie Insurance.  Erie Insurance is thriving in Indiana and we are happy to help you with your Erie Insurance policies in Indiana or Illinois.  Don’t let your Erie Insurance policy non-renew or cancel.  Get with Penwell Insurance for all your Erie Insurance needs.

Call 317-984-3300, click the contact us page, or visit us at our insurance offices located in Carmel, Cicero, and Tipton.


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