Do I have to change insurance agencies if I move?

The short answer: Probably not.  If you are not moving out of state, you should be able to keep your existing insurance agency and your existing insurance carrier or insurance company.  Penwell Insurance agency can insure you across the state of Indiana and also in Illinois.  If you are moving to Carmel, Indiana or Cicero, Indiana near Morse Lake, we have an insurance agency nearby. We also have an insurance agency in Tipton, Indiana.  However, today, most of what you need to do for insurance can be done online or over the phone. There is really no need to have location to go to except for the face to face connection.  Payments can be made online, over the phone, or in the mail.  The insurance companies make payments easy for you and many offer to do electronic monthly drafts with no service charge which saves you time and stress wondering if you paid your insurance.

We work with Erie Insurance, Travelers Insurance, MetLife Insurance, Safeco Insurance (A Liberty Mutual Company), Foremost Insurance, Progressive Insurance and have access to many other companies.  Through those companies we can provide business insurance, worker’s comp insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, Key person life insurance, business or group life insurance, and much more.  We are always here for you so long as you are living in Indiana and Illinois.

When do I have to report an injury at work?

Workers’ Compensation Board to Impose Fines for Late Reporting

The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board has announced that it will begin imposing fines for late reporting of workers’ compensation claims for injuries filed on or after October 1, 2017.

Section I.C.22-3-4-13, requires the First Report of Injury to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board within 14 days of the date the Employer has knowledge of the injury.

If the First Report of Injury is not filed timely, the Board my impose a $50.00 fine for the first offense, a second offense $150.00, and for the third offense up to $300.00 -I.C.22-3-4-15.

The report of injury shall contain the name, nature, and location of the business of the employer, the name, age, sex, wages and occupation of the injured employee, the date and hour of the accident causing the alleged injury, the nature and cause of the injury, and such other information as required by the board.


What should I do if I am not-at-fault in an accident?

If you were involved in an accident, at-fault or not-at-fault, we recommend calling us first.  We can assist you even if it does not go through your insurance.  We also will need to file proof of insurance with the BMV is the police were called out.  Never hesitate to leave a message on our emergency notification system if you don’t know what to do for any claim situation by calling our regular numbers.  317.984.3300/Cicero and 765.566.7111/Tipton.

We are NOT an 800 number.

We will NOT file a claim until you tell us to do so.

We will NOT ABANDON YOU when you need us most.

We can TEXT if that is the best way to chat!

You will have the SAME STAFF PERSON assisting you personally so you do NOT need to explain the same thing every time you call.


If you already know this, remember someone else may not.  Tell your friends.  Tell your family.  We are not the typical agency.   We can insure in Indiana and Illinois.


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Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Boat Insurance, Golf Cart Insurance, Tenant/Renters Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, Rental Home Insurance, Contractor Insurance, Construction Insurance, Landscaper Insurance, Printing Company Insurance, Veterinarian Insurance, Restaurant Insurance and much more!

Indiana State Minimum Auto Insurance Limits Change Effective July 2017

Did you know there are NEW Indiana State Minimum Auto Insurance Limits that went into effect in July 2017.

As of today, the Indiana State Minimum Insurance Limits are:

  • Minimum Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 each person/$50,000 each accident
  • Minimum Split Liability Limits for un/underinsured motorist: $25,000 each person/$50,000 each accident
  • NEW Minimum Property Damage Liability limit: $25,000 (previously $10,000)
  • NEW Minimum Combined Single Limit of Liability: $75,000 (previously $60,000)
  • NEW Minimum Combined Single Limit of Liability for un/underinsured motorists: $75,000 (previously $60,000)

We recommend liability limits far above the Indiana state insurance requirements and encourage purchasing an umbrella policy for additional liability protection against lawsuits.

What will your insurance company do?  If you do not meet these limits, the insurance carrier “should” automatically increase those limits and increase premium accordingly.  However, you should always review your insurance Declarations document (coverage summary) to verify coverage, vehicles, drivers, address, and more.




#Indiana Auto Insurance Limits


Welcome, Contractors, to Penwell Insurance!

We are happy to announce our new specialty line for Contractors! If you want to stop worrying and get back to work be sure to check out the new site for more information on the types of coverages we can offer. Then give us a call! Here’s to less worry and more productivity!

Until next time- may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Contractors’ Insurance


February is Black History Month!

America is like a nicely aged, patchwork quilt. Each part of the tapestry, valuable in its own right, not only has a story and history all its own, but also contributes to the greater work allowing for a solid, unified, greater result. Just as the patches of these warm, beautiful quilts, the diversity of our make up is what makes America strong, more beautiful, and better as a nation.

People of all walks of like, of all colors, religions, and backgrounds add to the amazing diversity that has allowed for this great nation to thrive. Some such people are honored in the month of February every year for Black History Month. This is a time to reflect upon the past, present, and even the future of African Americans and to honor their struggles and contributions to this great land.

All throughout the history of America, we can see examples of strength, courage, integrity, intellect, compassion, ingenuity, artistry, and more in our African American peers. From the works of Frederick Douglas, to Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Maya Angelou down to the first black president, Barack Obama – we see a courage of spirit, tenacity, and integrity that has become seamlessly intertwined with our sense of what it means to be “an American”.

Below is a link to an informational video on Black History Month and how it began. I hope that you will take a moment to watch it and to reflect upon the struggle and strength that results from the diversity of character our country has to offer.


Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Link, as promised:|dc_pcrid_1231093202_pkw_black%20history%20month_pmt_e&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=black%20history%20month&utm_campaign=M_Holidays&paidlink=1&cmpid=PaidSearch_bing_M_Holidays_black%20history%20month&s_kwcid=AL!4850!10!1231093202!10487866938&ef_id=WJTh1gAAAIF5Fg0e:20170203200230:s



Movement toward innovation, success, and happiness.

With the new year comes new goals. For some, new goals may mean losing weight, eating better, being more organized, or saving money. For others, it might involve starting or finishing a written work, learning a new skill, being more creative, or earning more money. We all seem to start off the new year, generally speaking at least, optimistic and energized to go after our goals. But as the year wears on, and our daily routines continue to keep us busy, we lose the zeal and excitement we started off with.

If only there were a secret weapon- a simple tool (like an ‘easy’ button)- we could use to assist us in accomplishing our dreams; we might be so much more likely to continue striving toward our goals. Well, it turns out, there is!


Seriously. Studies have shown that not only are you more likely to lose weight, have more energy, look and feel better with more movement throughout your day- but you’re also more likely to have great ideas, stay motivated, be happy, and have less stress!

While exercise is fantastic, and very good for us all for a myriad of reasons, this is not what I’m talking about. Movement can be as simple as standing up throughout the day as a break from sitting, taking 5 minutes to take a stroll around the block (or even around the office), doing some light stretching in your workspace, or even doing movements while at your desk.

Many offices are now offering the option to employees to have the sit to stand desk, rather than the traditional sit down variety. Others are offering their employees the ability to workout (actually workout) while on the clock as part of their workday. Still others take the simple path of allowing for opportunities to get outside while doing office tasks- such as walking to the post office rather than driving.

Whatever your options may be- it is very easy to incorporate a little more movement into your day. According to recent research, it may well be worth it! The benefits of incorporating more movement into the day are advantageous for employees, but also for employers. All of the studies have a common end- stress and dissatisfaction in the workplace leads to decreased productivity and higher levels of absenteeism. By incorporating more motion, you allow the body an endorphin release, which leads to feelings of happiness. Happy, motivated, and less stressed employees can be more productive, absent less often, and more creative and innovative in the work they do; all of which is highly beneficial to the employer and their bottom line.

Check out the links below to see more examples and further detail on just how movement can help you accomplish your goals, improve your creativity, increase your problem solving skills, and aid in an overall higher level of happiness! These links also offer some great tips you can use, should you decide to try to convince the boss to allow for workout time on the clock!

With all the positives movement can bring- improved health, motivation, endorphin release, stress relief, increased life span, improved productivity, innovation, ideas, and increased creativity, as well as improved overall happiness and feelings of satisfaction- I’d say it’s definitely worth a try! So, regardless of your own reasons for adding in a bit more movement everyday, here’s to following through and reaping the benefits in the new year!

Until next time~ may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Links, as promised:






Brrrrrrr! Baby, It’s cold outside!

Many of us woke up this morning to a whopping 4 degrees outside! Temperatures were even lower in some places. With the cold, snowy weather comes new hazards to look out for and protect against.

Typically, we remember our coats and scarves (or, if we do forget them, we run back in for them pretty quickly!) but do you remember the rules for safe use of space heaters? What about proper protection for your pets in these frigid temps? Do you have a safety plan in place to handle extended power loss during a winter storm? Did you know that once cold weather strikes, rats and other animals can, and often do, take cover by living inside your car?!

Check out some of the links below to get some great information and resources for winter weather planning for home, auto, and general purpose. Be sure to check out the Erie link for ‘Rats in the Hood’ to learn about how to protect your vehicle from rodents.

Here’s wishing you a warm, safe, and short winter!

Until next time- may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Erie Link: Rats in the Hood:

Great Links and Resources for Winter Weather Precaution:



For times gone by, my dear, for times gone by.

It is that time of year, again; time to say farewell to the old and welcome in the new. While I, personally, do not like to make New Year’s resolutions (which I feel sets one up to fail), I do like to take a moment to reflect on the passing year and consider my hopes and aspirations for the one upcoming.

This year’s reflection has me thinking about the traditional New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne”. I’ve often wondered what (in the world) that song was about, so this year I looked up the lyrics and discovered that the song asks an important question:

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?”

I think the answer should be yes, but also, no. With the dawn of each new year, I hope to forget about those things I have become acquainted with that were hurtful, sad, or negative. But I also hope to remember all of the love, laughter, and positivity of each experience and let it lead me into the next- always mindful to search for the good and seek out the silver lining in everything, and everyone, I encounter. This is my New Year’s goal and hope.

I also hope that you have a blessed and bright New Year’s surrounded by love, laughter, and all the things that bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face.

Until next time- may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Follow the link below to see a short video of the hopes, goals, and resolutions of some of our community members! Enjoy!

The final pieces of Christmas time preparation

As the days tick by and the holidays get closer and closer, we are nearing the finish line – the final, hectic, holiday push. It is time to check the list (twice), wrap the presents, and make sure every bow and bough is in place in time for Santa’s arrival.

While this should be a time of joy and holiday cheer, there are unfortunate realities to be considered as well. This time of year, along with holiday hopes, brings the highest number of break ins, theft, and more. Reports are made every year of cars being broken into while in shopping area parking lots, homes being burglarized and gifts being stolen from mailboxes, doorsteps, and more. While this did make for an entertaining plot to the early 1990’s holiday hit, “Home Alone”, it is not so entertaining when it happens in real life.

Happily, there are steps that can be taken to prevent the Grinch from stealing your Christmas joy. Now is the time to make sure, as you’re checking off that holiday shopping list, that the list includes items such as renter’s insurance; proper coverage for high dollar items such as jewelry, furs, guns, and collectibles; and identity theft protection- just to name a few.

Below, you will find a series of links, which will take you to some great sources for information on how to protect against theft, and more. You will also see access to some great holiday tips and tricks- such as how to help the dog and/or child get along well with your holiday decorations. And, just in case you need a vacation after the holiday madness is over, check out the links on holiday travel- which includes a list of the best places to visit and the most cost effective time of year to go. Whether you choose to travel, or you’re obligated in order to see your family for the holidays, be sure to check out the video on packing tips! This helpful little piece will show you how to fit tons, and I do mean TONS, of stuff into a single, tiny bag- information that is SO useful for those plane rides!

Whether you travel across the world, just down the street, or not at all, I hope your holiday is warm and bright and filled with all the things that bring joy and light into your lives. May the warm glow of the holiday season stay with you the whole year through.

Until next time- may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Links, as promised: