When do I have to report an injury at work?

Workers’ Compensation Board to Impose Fines for Late Reporting

The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board has announced that it will begin imposing fines for late reporting of workers’ compensation claims for injuries filed on or after October 1, 2017.

Section I.C.22-3-4-13, requires the First Report of Injury to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board within 14 days of the date the Employer has knowledge of the injury.

If the First Report of Injury is not filed timely, the Board my impose a $50.00 fine for the first offense, a second offense $150.00, and for the third offense up to $300.00 -I.C.22-3-4-15.

The report of injury shall contain the name, nature, and location of the business of the employer, the name, age, sex, wages and occupation of the injured employee, the date and hour of the accident causing the alleged injury, the nature and cause of the injury, and such other information as required by the board.


Penwell Pig

With Pork Festival around the corner, we thought we’d play a game!


We are hiding 10 (adorable) blue Penwell Pigs around Tipton. Be sure to be on the look out for them!

If you find one:

  • Take a picture with it (or of it)
  • Post it to our Facebook page with #Penwellpig
  • relocate the pig to a new hiding spot so the fun can continue!

Every picture posted to the page is one entry into the drawing for a $20 gift card to Subway! Let’s see how long it can continue!

To be entered into the drawing you must post your pig picture by Tuesday, September 12th.

We hope you all have a wonderful long weekend and a great pork festival!


Until next time – may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.

A total eclipse of the …

.. SUN! (You thought I was going to say “heart”… admit it!)


It seems that Monday, August 21st will be the first complete solar eclipse visible in the US since 1979. So, of course, everyone wants to check it out! There are viewing parties, fun glasses for purchase (or for free to a lucky few), science and math activities, and more to be enjoyed. There’s even a path of music festivals, which will take place along the path of the total eclipse leading up to the big day!

So, whether it’s for learning, fun, music, or whatever- checkout the links below to get the best information on everything eclipse! Links include information about specific path locations and mapping the viewing, how to safely view the eclipse, events happening near the area, music festival information, activities and lesson plans that can be worked around the event and more!

Until next time – may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.



What is a solar eclipse?

Eclipse interactive and informative page via NASA

Eclipse viewing safety tips from NASA

NASA’s recommended eclipse activities

The slacker’s guide to eclipse fun

When, where, and how to see it

Eclipse events

Eclipse path of music festivals

Other really cool things that happen during the eclipse


*Photo credit: NASA/S. Habbal, M Druckmuller and P. Aniol

Welcome, Contractors, to Penwell Insurance!

We are happy to announce our new specialty line for Contractors! If you want to stop worrying and get back to work be sure to check out the new site for more information on the types of coverages we can offer. Then give us a call! Here’s to less worry and more productivity!

Until next time- may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


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