Do I have to change insurance agencies if I move?

The short answer: Probably not.  If you are not moving out of state, you should be able to keep your existing insurance agency and your existing insurance carrier or insurance company.  Penwell Insurance agency can insure you across the state of Indiana and also in Illinois.  If you are moving to Carmel, Indiana or Cicero, Indiana near Morse Lake, we have an insurance agency nearby. We also have an insurance agency in Tipton, Indiana.  However, today, most of what you need to do for insurance can be done online or over the phone. There is really no need to have location to go to except for the face to face connection.  Payments can be made online, over the phone, or in the mail.  The insurance companies make payments easy for you and many offer to do electronic monthly drafts with no service charge which saves you time and stress wondering if you paid your insurance.

We work with Erie Insurance, Travelers Insurance, MetLife Insurance, Safeco Insurance (A Liberty Mutual Company), Foremost Insurance, Progressive Insurance and have access to many other companies.  Through those companies we can provide business insurance, worker’s comp insurance, life insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, flood insurance, ATV insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, Key person life insurance, business or group life insurance, and much more.  We are always here for you so long as you are living in Indiana and Illinois.

Who is the best Indiana insurance agency?

Well, we are of course. Why you ask?  Check out our testimonials page, not to hear it from us, but to hear it from our customers.  They speak the truth and you will see why we are different than most insurance agencies.  It’s not always about price, though we have very competitive insurance companies that we work with for each need.

We are happy to service your Indiana Insurance needs with agencies in Carmel, Cicero, and Tipton.  We proudly represent quality insurance companies like Erie Insurance, Travelers Insurance, Safeco Insurance, and MetLife Insurance.  We also work with other carriers for unique needs like life insurance and toys for boat insurance, ATV insurance, and motorcycle insurance.  We like to work with American Modern Insurance for classic cars, Progressive insurance for special auto needs or toys, and Foremost Insurance for certain home or car insurance situations and toys as well.

We also can assist with your Illinois insurance needs.





When do I have to report an injury at work?

Workers’ Compensation Board to Impose Fines for Late Reporting

The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board has announced that it will begin imposing fines for late reporting of workers’ compensation claims for injuries filed on or after October 1, 2017.

Section I.C.22-3-4-13, requires the First Report of Injury to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Board within 14 days of the date the Employer has knowledge of the injury.

If the First Report of Injury is not filed timely, the Board my impose a $50.00 fine for the first offense, a second offense $150.00, and for the third offense up to $300.00 -I.C.22-3-4-15.

The report of injury shall contain the name, nature, and location of the business of the employer, the name, age, sex, wages and occupation of the injured employee, the date and hour of the accident causing the alleged injury, the nature and cause of the injury, and such other information as required by the board.


Indiana State Minimum Auto Insurance Limits Change Effective July 2017

Did you know there are NEW Indiana State Minimum Auto Insurance Limits that went into effect in July 2017.

As of today, the Indiana State Minimum Insurance Limits are:

  • Minimum Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 each person/$50,000 each accident
  • Minimum Split Liability Limits for un/underinsured motorist: $25,000 each person/$50,000 each accident
  • NEW Minimum Property Damage Liability limit: $25,000 (previously $10,000)
  • NEW Minimum Combined Single Limit of Liability: $75,000 (previously $60,000)
  • NEW Minimum Combined Single Limit of Liability for un/underinsured motorists: $75,000 (previously $60,000)

We recommend liability limits far above the Indiana state insurance requirements and encourage purchasing an umbrella policy for additional liability protection against lawsuits.

What will your insurance company do?  If you do not meet these limits, the insurance carrier “should” automatically increase those limits and increase premium accordingly.  However, you should always review your insurance Declarations document (coverage summary) to verify coverage, vehicles, drivers, address, and more.




#Indiana Auto Insurance Limits


Welcome, Contractors, to Penwell Insurance!

We are happy to announce our new specialty line for Contractors! If you want to stop worrying and get back to work be sure to check out the new site for more information on the types of coverages we can offer. Then give us a call! Here’s to less worry and more productivity!

Until next time- may every sunrise bring renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Contractors’ Insurance


Time to buy (the safest) new car!

February 15th is right around the corner! This is the earliest date of tax returns for 2017. For many Americans, tax returns mean taking care of household repairs and improvements, paying off debt, saving, or making new purchases. This is a particularly good time of year to buy a new car, especially since many auto dealerships offer deals for using tax return dollars.

When considering the purchase of a new car, there are many factors that contribute to the decision of which one to buy. Some of these factors include: price, size, towing capacity, gas mileage, and more. One item that should be on every buyer’s checklist is that of safety.

Newer vehicles seem to be more and more technologically advanced every year, allowing for vehicles that, some say soon, will drive themselves someday. Safety features such as blind spot warnings, automatic braking, and more are making the roads safer for families and, in the process, lowering the cost of auto insurance.

Below you can clink the link to see the full list of the safest cars of 2017. The list is broken down by vehicle type and size. It also offers the ability to click on the individual vehicles to see more details about the specific car and why it was chosen for the list, as well as which specific features it offers to enhance safety.

I hope everyone will choose wisely in their 2017 vehicle purchases!

Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Link, as promised:




Time travel with the senses

Have you ever noticed how deeply rooted our memory is to our senses? It seems the senses can jog our memory and bring to mind events, experiences, and even emotions long forgotten. It is amazing to me how catching a scent of perfume can take me back and call to mind memories of my mother- so deep and real I can almost feel her hugging me. Or how just by hearing the first few bars of “daddy’s hands” I feel like I’m 5 years old again- sitting in the back of my momma’s car missing my Dad so much it’s palpable. Even the taste of that hubba bubba bubble gum (taken ever so sneakily from my child’s Halloween candy) can instantly put me back to my hometown- standing by the concession stands at the ball park on a hot summer day.

Our senses give us hope, warning, meaning, and reminders of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. Scientists have invested their lives and careers studying the senses and their links to memory. It is believed that the connection may have something to do with warning against past mistakes- such as the smell of a particular plant or food item that made us sick. In the process of research, many interesting facts have been discovered. For example, although all of our senses are connected to memory, the sense of smell is by far the strongest memory jogging sense. Scientists have also discovered that we can use our senses to create intentional memory. For example, if you are preparing for an exam, it has been discovered that studying to certain music or scents, and then recalling those smells or sounds during the exam increases memory and information retention- which leads to more successful test taking.

The human mind is an amazing and illusive thing. That the mere scent of glue and no.2 pencils can transport me through space and time back to elementary school or that the sound of an old song can take me back to a family road trip – dancing and singing along with family, is nothing short of miraculous. In more ways than one, it is a gift. I hope that you will enjoy some nostalgia today- and let it take you wherever it may.

In case you’re interested in reading more: below is a link from the highly reputable scientific journal Nature, and others, regarding research and information on the senses.


Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.




Here comes the rain…

With all the recent rain we’ve been having, I couldn’t help but notice this morning that many of the yards along my route to work look more like ponds than yards. Given that the weekend forecast is calling for still more rain, I thought now would be a great time to review proper coverage for this type of weather.

First- it is important to remember that flood is never covered under a home owner’s policy. This type of risk is always covered as its own policy and is offered via a government program called the National Flood Insurance Program. If you have questions about flood coverage, contact your insurance agent or you may contact the NFIP directly by calling (888)379-9531.

Water that can be covered is that of Sewer and Drain back up. This typically needs to be endorsed to a policy for it to be included. While it does not add much to the overall cost of the policy, it does add greatly to the value and decrease the risk of being a home owner.

Sewer and Drain back up can happen due to sump pump failure or the backing up of drains and sewage lines in the home. This is especially common in weather conditions such as those we are currently experiencing. Some common causes of Sewer and Drain claims include: blockages due to tree roots, sanitary main blockages, or sump pump failure.

There are things that can be done to help prevent backups and protect against these issues, such as:

* proper disposal of grease (i.e. not putting it down the drain)

* Proper disposal of paper products such as paper towels, diapers, feminine products and the like.

* replacing old pipes with new plastic pipes

* installing a backwater prevention valve (sump pump)

* ensuring all plumbing connections are legal and up to standard.

If you do have the misfortune of a Sewer and Drain issue be sure to take photos of damage, save all receipts for repairs done, and take measures to prevent against further damage. Some ways to prevent further damage may include:

* wet- vacuuming to remove any standing water

* using a dehumidifier to assist with the dry out process

* Mopping floors and wiping down walls and other areas to disinfect

* Steam cleaning or laundering any carpets, drapes, etc. in the area

* repairing or removing any damaged furniture items or wallboard or wall coverings.

* Call your insurance agent.

If you are uncertain whether or not your current home owner’s or renter’s policy includes coverage for sewer and drain back up, I highly recommend contacting your agent to review your coverage, as well as coverage levels if you do have this endorsement, at your earliest opportunity.

Here’s to a great (and dry) weekend!

Until next time – may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Brrrrrrr! Baby, It’s cold outside!

Many of us woke up this morning to a whopping 4 degrees outside! Temperatures were even lower in some places. With the cold, snowy weather comes new hazards to look out for and protect against.

Typically, we remember our coats and scarves (or, if we do forget them, we run back in for them pretty quickly!) but do you remember the rules for safe use of space heaters? What about proper protection for your pets in these frigid temps? Do you have a safety plan in place to handle extended power loss during a winter storm? Did you know that once cold weather strikes, rats and other animals can, and often do, take cover by living inside your car?!

Check out some of the links below to get some great information and resources for winter weather planning for home, auto, and general purpose. Be sure to check out the Erie link for ‘Rats in the Hood’ to learn about how to protect your vehicle from rodents.

Here’s wishing you a warm, safe, and short winter!

Until next time- may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Erie Link: Rats in the Hood:

Great Links and Resources for Winter Weather Precaution:



For times gone by, my dear, for times gone by.

It is that time of year, again; time to say farewell to the old and welcome in the new. While I, personally, do not like to make New Year’s resolutions (which I feel sets one up to fail), I do like to take a moment to reflect on the passing year and consider my hopes and aspirations for the one upcoming.

This year’s reflection has me thinking about the traditional New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne”. I’ve often wondered what (in the world) that song was about, so this year I looked up the lyrics and discovered that the song asks an important question:

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?”

I think the answer should be yes, but also, no. With the dawn of each new year, I hope to forget about those things I have become acquainted with that were hurtful, sad, or negative. But I also hope to remember all of the love, laughter, and positivity of each experience and let it lead me into the next- always mindful to search for the good and seek out the silver lining in everything, and everyone, I encounter. This is my New Year’s goal and hope.

I also hope that you have a blessed and bright New Year’s surrounded by love, laughter, and all the things that bring warmth to your heart and a smile to your face.

Until next time- may every sunrise bring you renewed purpose and ever increasing joy.


Follow the link below to see a short video of the hopes, goals, and resolutions of some of our community members! Enjoy!