Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family from financial loss in the case of your death and provides coverage for your most valuable asset, your ability to provide an income. Life insurance can also be used to meet financial obligations (like a home loan or car loan) that may fall upon your family in the case of an unexpected death. There are many types of life insurance options to choose from and Penwell Insurance is ready and available to help you make the life insurance decision that is right for you.

Consider the following when evaluating your current life insurance policy or consider these questions as you determine the amount needed for future ones:

  • What’s changed in your life? 
    • Have you recently received a raise?  Did you have another child? Did you get married?
  • What do you own or are you buying? 
    • Do you have a home loan, a car loan, used line of credit, etc.?
  • What do you want for your kids future? 
    • If something were to happen to you or your spouse, would you want them to be able to afford college?
  • Your legacy. 
    • Would you want a charitable contribution to be set up if something happened to you?– Life insurance can cover funeral and burial costs, as well as final medical expenses and debts you may have had as a result of your death.

Contact Penwell Insurance to learn more about life insurance in Indiana and Illinois. Our agents will work with you to help you customize an insurance plan that will meet your needs.

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