Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the original, and most popular, version of life insurance. As its name indicates, term life insurance provides coverage at a fixed rate for a limited period of time – 5, 10, or 20 year intervals being the most common. This type of coverage is the easiest to obtain and the most affordable life insurance policy on the market today. It is a popular policy because it can secure large amounts of coverage for relatively low premiums.

Some of the major reasons individuals take out term life insurance policies are as follow:

  • Mortgage Coverage – Through your term life insurance policy, you can arrange for your mortgage to be paid off.
  • Financial Coverage – If you pass away, you want to be sure your family and loved ones will not suffer financially without your earnings.
  • Childcare Coverage – Without you, who will take care of your children? If you are the primary childcare provider for your family, your passing could mean the addition of childcare expenses for your family.
  • Education Coverage – If you, your spouse or your children have educational fees, it is important that they can still be covered after your passing.

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